Zn'shñ + A Qui Avec Gabriel + Cal Lyall @ SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, Japan
Zn'shñ (Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith), electronics + A Qui Avec Gabriel, accordion + Cal Lyall, hydrophone

Live performance during Test Tone 61: Intersecting Streams of Consciousness @ SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, Japan (Recorded September 14th, 2010)

Specializing in electronics, French artists Zn'shñ (aka Franck Smith & Elvire Bastendorff) creates expansive soundscapes of the highest order. Under the Odiolorgnette imprint, Zn'shñ has produced albums and soundtracks steeped in minimalist sensibility, influenced by artists such as Ryoji Ikeda and butoh legend Hijikata Tatsumi.
Zn'shñ's sound artistry meets with the sublime accordion playing of À qui avec Gabriel, a Tzadik recording artist with a string of successful collaborations under her belt — joined by improvising artist Cal Lyall, who creates watery ambiances using effected hydrophones (underwater microphones) submerged in strange and hypnotic water sources.


Zn'shñ's electronic setup:
- Biscuit (by Oto Machines)
- 2x Sleepdrone 5 (by King Capitol)
- Glamour Box (by King Capitol)
- Kaossilator Pro (by Korg)
- Restyler (by Sherman/Rodec)
- Space Echo (Boss RE-20)



A Qui Avec Gabriel
Cal Lyall
Super Deluxe


 Zn'shñ @ Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan   © Photo by Kouhei Harada